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If you've entered the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games we've got all you need to raise life-changing sponsorship money for your event!

Get sponsored

Get everything you need for a successful Sport Relief in this Fundraising Kit.

Download a fundraising kit

Set a fundraising target then tell everyone about it. It’ll give your friends and family even more reason to give generously.

Bring in the dough with this tasty fundraising classic.

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Get everything you need to make your bake sale a show stopper.

Download Bake Off Kit

Get sponsored to get to work under your own steam for a week or a day.

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Organise a sweepstake using this unmissable Jo Brand poster – it’s an easy and funny way to raise an awesome £30!

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Get sponsored to walk 10,000 steps every day for a week or a month.

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Organise your own Sport Relief Walk, with help from the Ramblers.

Download Walk Kit

Get workmates to ditch their work clothes and dress up or down for the day.

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Use this to collect sponsorship money in person

Download the PDF

Grab a grown-up and use this to collect sponsorship money in person.

Download the PDF

Ask sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsorship form if they’re eligible. It adds 25% to the amount and won’t cost them a penny.

Get loads of fun and easy ways to raise money for Sport Relief at work.

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Find out loads of ways to spread the word about your fundraising.

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An array of show-stopping posters to help publicise your fundraising.

Download Poster Pack

Ask friends and family to tell everyone they know about what you’re doing. You’ll be amazed at how many more people you’ll reach.

Get sponsored to go the distance with friends or workmates on a treadmill.

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Get inspired by our tried-and-tested top fundraising ideas.

Download the PDF

Host a quiz at work or the pub, and get everyone to pay to play.

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This ready-made quiz has everything you need to run a crowd-pleasing event.

Download Quiz

Hold a pay-to-play sports tournament with colleagues, friends or local teams.

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This will help you break down your fundraising plans into a handy list.

Download the PDF

From danceathons to sing-athons, get sponsored to do any ‘athon’ you want.

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Use this handy guide to make the most of your Giving Page.

Download the PDF

Grab a grown up and use this handy guide to make the most of your Giving Page.

Download the PDF

Payday is a brilliant time to ask people to sponsor you. They’ll be feeling flush and super generous.

Revel in nostalgia by organising a pay-to-play, old-school sports day.

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Get your boss to sponsor you. Everyone will want to see how generous they are and, hopefully, they’ll follow suit.

Dance, play ping pong or console games or do anything for 24 hours.

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Put this poster up on a noticeboard to help recruit your fundraising dream team.

Download the PDF

Set up an exercise bike at work and organise a team relay.

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Get colleagues to pay a donation to chuck a wet sponge at their boss.

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Use our Where Your Money Goes guide to show people how they’re helping to change lives.

Give colleagues a break from work with a lunchtime fun run or walk.

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Get sponsored to do something epic, like a marathon or climbing a mountain!

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Arrange a long walk with friends and family and all get sponsored to take part.

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Raising £30 is no sweat with our Jo Brand Sweepstake Poster.


Let Jo Brand help you make an extra £30 with our handy Sweepstake Poster.

Be brave and get sponsored to wax away your hairiest bits.

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Print this off, follow the instructions, then collect fundraising money.

Download Money box

Get sponsored to zip it for the day – it’s not as easy as it sounds!

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Tell everyone what you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter – better still show them with pictures and videos of you in training.

Print these stickers to show everyone what a Sport Relief hero you are.

Download Stickers

Get sponsored to travel a mile in the silliest or most inventive way you can.

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Pick a river and row its entire distance on a rowing machine.

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Read the guidelines, then use this logo on your fundraising materials.

Download the ZIP

You never know when you’ll bump into people who’ll want to sponsor you so carry a sponsorship form everywhere you go.

Get sponsored to swim the distance of the English Channel in your local pool.

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Ask your most generous friends and family to sponsor you first. It will inspire others to dig deeper too.

Get your team mates to pay a donation to do a practice session in fancy dress.

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Maximise your income by doing that little bit extra to raise cash. Maybe hold a yummy bake sale, or do your activity in fancy dress.

Use this guide to show the difference people could make by supporting you.

Download the PDF

See your face and name in lights!

You can see your name and face on the Sport Relief site, by adding a photo to our Fundraiser Gallery

See Fundraiser Gallery

Meet Lindsay

The Home Ownership Team within Radian held a Bake-Off in aid of Sport Relief raising a brilliant £170.68. About half the team baked sweet, savoury and ‘out of the box’ creations.

...provide a loan for a family living in poverty in Nepal to start up their own business, helping them generate more income so they can send their children to school.

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