Looking for Sport Relief 2018?

Eye-catching posters

Drum up some excitement with our customisable posters. All you have to do is add what you're doing and your fundraising target, print them off and you're ready to go.

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Giving pages

Giving Pages are the quickest, easiest, and securest way to fundraise online. They take minutes to set up, are easy to share on social media, plus you can personalise the photo, description and fundraising target, and send out ready-written emails to friends and family asking for sponsorship.

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The best way to invite your friends and family to support your fundraising. Create a Facebook Event for your fundraising activity and invite all your friends to attend. In the Facebook Event description, make sure you include all the key information (start time, location, date and how to support). You can even put your Giving Page link in there so that they can support you straight away.

Fundraising for Sport Relief logo

We’ve made a Sport Relief logo just for you. Change your profile picture to reflect your fundraising or use the ‘Fundraising for Sport Relief’ logo. You can use this logo on promotional materials like leaflets. Make sure you read the guidelines that are provided when you download the logo.

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Tag friends

Make your supporters feel valued, and show them the difference their support makes. Tag friends who’ve recently sponsored you to say thank you – it’ll appear on their Facebook wall and make them feel appreciated. It might even prompt people you might not expect to support you.

Top tip: You could show the difference they’ve made by looking at our Where Your Money Goes guide E.g. ‘Thank you to Joe Bloggs for sponsoring me £10. £10 could pay for a support session for a young person in the UK with a disability to help improve their communication skills.’


A dynamic and exciting way to show others how you’re fundraising. Create a short, punchy/funny video to promote what you’re doing, and maybe even regular videos to update people in the run-up to your fundraising. Upload these to YouTube and Instagram (for 15-second videos), Vine (for six-second videos) or other video channels of your choice.


Create a hashtag and a buzz for your fundraising activity. Create a hashtag for your fundraising activity to use when tweeting and encourage attendees to use it too. You could also hashtag #SR16 and tag @ComicRelief: Sport Relief on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tell us what you’re up to.

Send out a press release

Use our editable press release to tell your local paper and radio station what you're doing for Sport Relief. The story's more likely to be picked up if you send it the day before you'd like it in the news and, if you can, include pictures, video links or broadcast clips - a quirky shot or fun video clip always does the trick.

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Good luck, everybody!