Looking for Sport Relief 2018?

Lindsay Russel: Wave Runner

Lindsay Russell 'The Wave Runner' took on the Irish Sea in an inflatable ball. This daring challenge took courage, powers of endurance and a sea’s worth of stamina. See how she got on.

Wave runner challenge hampered by weather

After a monumental attempt, Blue Peter’s Lindsey Russell has sadly been unable to complete her ‘The Wave Runner’ challenge for Sport Relief, after being hampered by treacherous weather.

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Lindsey chats to Davina McCall

Lindsey talks to Davina about her Sport Relief challenge over a pot of tea.

How to stay entertained on a six-hour run

Lindsey's training for her Wave Runner challenge is TOUGH. It involves running non-stop for six or seven hours! Here’s some ways to stop her getting bored.

Thank you Blue Peter

This challenge would not have been possible without the support of Blue Peter.