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Day three and it started hurting Greg. A lot. He’s now just over halfway done. The day’s triathlon started with a near-freezing outdoor swim which pushed Greg to the edge, before the cycle and run saw an exhausted Greg finally finish at BBC Radio Scotland. Greg called in regular updates to BBC Radio 1 throughout the day in between each of his events.

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The presenter was left struggling to move after his 900m swim through open water. After 30 minutes of swimming, his body ran the risk of hypothermia. Greg went on to successfully finish his third triathlon.

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Kimberly joins Greg on-air

Kimberly Wyatt joins Greg live on-air during his broadcast on BBC Radio 1 following their victorious run to the studio.

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A painful end to a tough day

Don't try this at home kids. Greg has a punishing recovery session at the BBC Radio Scotland studio following his third triathlon.

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Determined Greg completes his third triathlon

The gruelling Gregathlon got the better of Greg today when he had to be carried from his open water swim. He pushed on to complete the day, reminding himself it's all to help people living incredibly tough lives.

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Kimberly and Greg celebrate at the finish line

Kimberly Wyatt keeps Greg motivated for the final leg of his third triathlon, joining him for a run to the BBC Radio Scotland studio.

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An icy road ahead

Greg’s cold hinders his performance as he battles icy road conditions while cycling through Glasgow. Spurred on by support from locals Greg successfully completes the second leg of a trying day.

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Locals get behind Greg with donation

Una Walker, Provost of Dunbartonshire Council came out to support Greg during his cycle and presented a giant donation cheque. Thank you to everyone who's sponsored Greg so far!

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On the road to recovery

Greg's back in form and on his bike for the second event of the day, having recovered from his dramatic swim this morning.

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A man and his bacon butty

Pushed to his limit during the swim, Greg takes a moment by himself to refuel and refocus before the cycle.

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Greg recovers from Hypothermia scare

Greg being attended to by the recovery team following his freezing swim. Greg risks hypothermia with each open water swim, leading to involuntary shivering as the body attempts to increase core temperature.

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Greg catches cold in Glasgow

Greg wakes up with the beginnings of a cold this morning, what better cure than a swim in 4 degree open water? Things take a turn for the worse as the freezing temperatures and exhaustion take their toll.

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This route could still change. We'll try not to and we'll only do it for a very good reason.

How we help in Glasgow

Many young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people drop out of sport because of bullying and negative attitudes to gender. Funded with Sport Relief cash, LEAP Sports Scotland uses sport to help young LGBT people develop life skills and confidence and is just one of a number of projects we’re proud to fund in Glasgow.

Thanks also goes to: Gore, Dare 2B, Craghoppers, Sportstiks, Beacon Fell and HUUB