Looking for Sport Relief 2018?

And they've done it, they've beaten the waves of the Irish and English Channel to finish their five day Hell on High Seas challenge.

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They've made it!

After five epic days, facing gale force 10 winds and waves which nearly capsized their yacht, they've made it to London.

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Stormy waters

Our Hell on High Seas team faced some stormy waters on their BT Sport Relief challenge.

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The last leg

The team make their final passage into London along the Thames estuary.

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Floating man

Is that an alien encounter? No just the coastguard wishing our Hell on High Seas team good luck. Photographer - Matt Knighton.

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Friendly visit

The Hell on High Seas team get a friendly visit from the coastguard to wish them luck. Photographer - Matt Knighton.

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Waves come crashing

After leaving Plymouth on day three, the almighty English channel shows who's boss.

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Ben Ainslie races the team

As the Hell on High Seas team enter the Solent, Ben Ainslie and his crew join for a race.

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Suzi takes to the helm

Suzi looks at ease as she does her stint at the helm.

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What happens below deck

Alex gives us a little tour below deck.

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Pass the bucket

Fellow team member Doon lends some support to a queasy Ore, and a much-needed bucket!

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Alex scales the mast

Alex puts her previous rock climbing skills to good use as she scales the mast.

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Hal stays focused

Whilst on duty, Hal keeps his eyes on the prize.

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blowing a gale

Day two round-up and the gales are strong! The coastguard even sends a helicopter to check on them.

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They’ve beaten the stormy weather to Land’s End

The wind should be behind them for the next day, but it’s not going to be smooth sailing.

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Some sealife support

The crew get a welcome escort from some friendly dolphins.

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Don't keel over

Fearsome winds put the Hell on High seas yacht at a 45-degree angle.

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The week's forecast

Check out the latest conditions for the celebrities' Hell on High Seas challenge.

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All aboard for celebrity sailing challenge

Six celebrities will be swapping the comforts of the stage and studio for five days of nautical trials as they attempt to sail around the UK

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The location

Congrats to the team who have reached the finish line in London.

So far the team have raised



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The team of celebrities are taking on this huge challenge because they’ve witnessed first-hand how money raised through Sport Relief can reach people living unimaginably tough lives.

Half of the money raised will be used to support people across the world’s poorest countries and the other half will make a difference right here in the UK.

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Thanks also goes to: Volvo Ocean Race, Musto, 2XU, Ocean Safety and Queen Mary Sailing Club. Images and footage courtesy of Matt Knighton, Sam Greenfield and Marc Bow.