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It’s day three of Jo’s quest to walk 150 miles from one side of the country to the other in just seven days. Today she’s walking all the way from the Thorne to Harlington.

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Wake me up before you Go Jo

Jo’s in good spirits (and even has a sing-a-long!) as she approaches the Day 3 finish line.

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That’s a wrap on Day 3

Well-wishers join Jo in Barnburgh, South Yorkshire, as she completes the final leg of today’s 20 mile slog.

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Jo jokes around with Gabby Logan and Paul Koloi

As night falls on Day 3 of her Hell of a Walk, Jo takes her mind off the pain as she clowns around with presenter Gabby Logan and rugby league player Paul Koloi.

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Gabby Logan reminds Jo what it’s all about

As Jo pushes through Day 3 of her Hell of a Walk, she’s joined by Gabby Logan who reminds her of the good work that Sport Relief does in the UK and around the world.

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10 miles down, 10 to go!

After struggling with IT band issues yesterday, Jo gets some much-needed physio as she reaches the halfway point of Day 3.

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Greg helps Jo set the pace for day three

Greg Whyte, Jo’s trainer, helps Jo stay on track on day three of her challenge.

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Day three of Jo's challenge sees her start in good spirits

Following a gloomy end to day two, Jo's spirits are lifted by local support and biscuit supplies as she makes her way from Thorne to Harlington

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Jo Brand is joined by Gabby Logan on day three of her walk

TV presenter Gabby Logan will be keeping Jo company as she continues on the third day of her BT Sport Relief Challenge: Jo’s Hell of a Walk.

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Jo settles in to her stride for the morning

Jo’s had a strong start to day three and is walking at her fastest pace yet

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She's slept, she's eaten and she's off

Jo starts day three of her 150-mile walk in good spirits after a good night's rest.

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See today's route

On day 3 of her challenge Jo will set off from Thorne, before ending her day in Harlington.

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Today's weather forecast

It's looking like a cloudy day for Jo today. There will be patches of rain so fingers crossed it stays dry for as much of the day as possible.

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Get Jo on the phone

As well as sponsoring Jo’s amazing efforts, BT have also made her the voice of the speaking clock and are donating to Sport Relief whenever someone calls.

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Thanks also goes to: Primesight Outdoor, LivePoster, Masternaut, Regatta, Berghaus, Karrimor, Craghoppers, Anatom Footwear, EDZ, Nathan Sports, Rock Tape, Snugpak, Teko, Leki, 9Bar, Superfeet, and Threshold.