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It’s day two of Jo’s quest to walk 150 miles from one side of the country to the other in just seven days. Today she’s walking all the way from the Laxton to Thorne.

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An exhausted, wet Jo Brand reaches the finish of day two

After a long, tough, wet and boggy day, Jo Brand reaches the finish of Day 2 and is met by a dedicated group of well-wishers.

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Walking with Jo

With the aches and pains of day one adding to the difficulties of day two, the support and people joining Jo make it that little bit easier.

Walking with Jo

The people of Goole come out to support Jo

It's been a long and hard day, but public support has helped a lot.

Goole turn out to say hello

Alan Davies keeps Jo motivated as her leg starts to bother her

When the going gets tough, there’s nothing like a friends encouragement to spur you on.

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Jo's got some very sore limbs

Jo Brand has some physio and a massage to keep those legs moving and the miles ticking away.

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Jo sets off on day two of her Hell of a Walk for Sport Relief

Jo sets off on day two of her challenge, accompanied by friend Alan Davies. With another exhausting walk ahead, can she get through the pain? #GoJo

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Alan Davies walks with Jo

It's the second day of Jo's BT Sport Relief Challenge and it's getting tough. Luckily she has an old pal to help her along the way.

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Jo's second day will see her set off from Laxton, before finishing in Thorne.

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Get Jo on the phone

As well as sponsoring Jo’s amazing efforts, BT have also made her the voice of the speaking clock and are donating to Sport Relief whenever someone calls.

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Thanks also goes to: Primesight Outdoor, LivePoster, Masternaut, Regatta, Berghaus, Karrimor, Craghoppers, Anatom Footwear, EDZ, Nathan Sports, Rock Tape, Snugpak, Teko, Leki, 9Bar, Superfeet, and Threshold.