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Kiran's story

February 24th 2016

Kiran, 36, started to feel down after the birth of her second daughter. She felt increasingly withdrawn from the world. She started to experience anxiety and as the months went by, Kiran began to dread leaving the house or seeing people.

“It was very lonely. I felt very withdrawn from my partner, from my parents, from my extended family – even my friends… My own mind didn’t belong to me. It was just a terrible place to be in. ”

She sought help from her GP who diagnosed her with postnatal depression and prescribed medication. Kiran decided against taking drugs but did seek help from Bluebell Care Trust.

“I was a bit reluctant to take medication … I felt in a way that I didn’t want to be drugged up and lose myself completely.”

Support from the trust helped Kiran to strengthen her relationship with her husband and she loves being a mother again.

“I got the support that I needed and I feel like a completely new woman. I feel like the world is a happier place now I want to be a part of it.”

Cash raised through Sport Relief is helping to fund maternal mental health projects, such as Bluebell Care Trust. Based in Bristol, the charity supports mums, dads and their families dealing with depression related to pregnancy and birth. It offers support groups and one-to-one mentoring, and will also soon establish a drop-in centre in the city centre.

If you have been affected by maternal mental health issues and would like more information on support and services please visit the Maternal Mental Health Alliance.

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