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Reuben's story

February 1st 2016

“As a child I had this inability to feel comfortable, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Meeting someone who’s trans was a massive eye opener. It was quite surreal to realise “that’s my life”. As I transitioned people shouted at me in toilets, I was physically threatened. It’s not just an internal battle, you’re fighting the world as well. But when I walked through the project’s door all of my fear and anxiety peeled away.”

Reuben, 22, Allsorts Youth Project

About the project

Allsorts Youth Project uses cash raised through Sport Relief to support young people who are transgender, who can feel misunderstood and profoundly alone. The project combines group and individual support, as well as helping young people with their relationships with their families, schools, colleges and health services. It aims to improve young people’s mental health by ensuring they’re less isolated and can grow stronger in a supportive and understanding environment.

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