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Joseph 13, from Kenya

“I cry sometimes because I didn’t decide to come to the streets, I have just had so many problems in my life.”

Joseph’s story

Forced to flee his abusive, alcoholic father, Joseph ran away because he believed life on the streets would be better than staying at home.

Robbed of his childhood by a brutal cycle of poverty and violence, he’s one of many children who, through no fault of their own, are forced to fend for themselves.

An estimated 20,000 children work or sleep rough in Kisumu, Kenya’s largest city.

Who we fund

HOVIC is a project that uses money raised through Sport Relief to provide homeless children with food, shelter, medical support and counselling. Critically, they also give them access to an education, which is their best chance of building a future for themselves, away from the streets.

“I have been coming to HOVIC for a year and I like it. I can bathe, get food and they have given me medicine and an education. I don’t want to stay on the streets forever.”

We’re proud to support projects like HOVIC. If you want to help more people like Joseph, join your community at your local Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile.

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