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7 in 10 women hide or downplay their symptoms

Sport Relief hopes to reduce stigma associated with the issue and encourage more women and men to talk about their experiences and seek the support they need.

Fern’s story

"When the doctor told me it was postnatal depression, that sense of relief that I was not going mad."

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Kiran's story

"My own mind didn’t belong to me."

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Nev's story

"Don’t hide from it, don’t be scared to admit that things aren’t quite right."

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Amelie's story

"The reality is it can affect anyone and totally decimate a previously happy person."

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It was killing me inside

Michael talks about the difficulties of understanding the illness before diagnosis.

Amy's story

"I had everything I wanted and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy about it."

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George's story

"Perinatal mental health affects men as well as women."

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Nikki's story

"I can see things in colour now."

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I felt like my identity had vaporised

Tiff talks about her feelings of numbness and her relief following diagnosis.

Hannah's story

"I felt very isolated and hugely overwhelmed by being a new mum."

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Mark's story

"Dads are also suffering with anxiety, depression and PTSD from traumatic births."

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Amy's story

"You don’t want to say: ‘I can’t do this, I can’t cope with this.’"

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Need support?

Cash raised through Sport Relief has been helping to fund maternal mental health projects in the UK since 2010 such as the Maternal Mental Health Alliance and Bluebell Care Trust.

If you have been affected by maternal mental health issues and would like more information on support and services please visit the Maternal Mental Health Alliance.

See what the £200 Anna raised could do.

Anna, along with 22 other mums from Gomersal ran a mile at Spenborough and raised a fantastic £200

That could enable a support worker in the UK to visit an isolated mum over four months to help her overcome postnatal depression.

To help carry on this good work right here in the UK and the world’s poorest communities, see how you can get involved and raise money this Sport Relief.

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Thanks also goes to: Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Bluebell Care Trust, George Sander Jackson, Sally Arthur, Dan Binns and Mosaic Films