Looking for Sport Relief 2018?

Meet some of the people you've helped

See how the money you've raised has helped change lives, here at home in the UK, and across some of the world’s poorest communities.

After 30 years, what does Sir Lenny Henry make of it all?

For 30 years, Sir Lenny Henry has seen, firsthand, the life-transforming results of your generosity. Things are changing. #thisstuffworks.

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Safer delivery

Listen to Gabby Logan witness the difference bicycle ambulances are making for expectant mums in Zambia.

Reuben's story

“As a child I had this inability to feel comfortable, but I couldn’t put my finger on why..."

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Where your money goes

See how the money you donate helps, both here in the UK and across the world's poorest communities.

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Alice's story

“I met my husband Ron when I was 16 and he died in 1994..."

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You, us and vaccines – the numbers are staggering

Because of your generosity, every day, countless children now have a chance at life. See for yourself. Things are changing. #thisstuffworks

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Sir Lenny Henry and Aberash’s miracle recovery

In 2005, because of tuberculosis and HIV, Aberash was on the brink of death. She needed a miracle. That miracle was you. Things are changing. #thisstuffworks.

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John Bishop sees how you’ve changed sadness into joy

In 2011, John Bishop met a little girl who scavenged on a rubbish tip. You’ve helped to transform her life. Things are changing. #thisstuffworks.

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David Walliams finds out how you’ve helped Phillip

In 2011, David Walliams met Phillip, who lived and slept on the streets. Today, thanks to you, he’s safe, happy and in school. Things are changing. #thisstuffworks.

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…over 189,000 children to attend school and get an education.

…16,500 people get the support they need to improve their mental health

…over 734,000 children to be given life-saving vaccines.

…funding for 23 projects that support people living with dementia.

To help carry on the good work, see how you can get involved and raise money this Sport Relief.

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